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Topic: Religious Exemptions

The dramatic rise in state efforts to limit LGBT rights Washington Post  •  July 1, 2016 While the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community has become more visible and won more legal protections in recent years, state lawmakers have increased attempts to pass legislation that could restrict civil rights for LGBT people. Since 2013, legislatures have introduced 254 bills, 20 of
Judge Blocks Mississippi Law Protecting Religious Objections To Gay Marriage NPR  •  July 1, 2016 Almost at the last minute, a federal judge has declared a controversial Mississippi law unconstitutional. The law, HB 1523, would have protected religious objections to gay marriage, extramarital sex and transgender identities. The judge says it favors some religious beliefs over others and would co
Federal Judge Rules Clerks Cannot Cite Religion to Recuse From Issuing Marriage Licenses The New Civil Rights Movement  •  June 27, 2016 A federal judge has judge clerks in Mississippi cannot cite their religious beliefs as valid reasons to recuse themselves from granting marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The case was argued by Roberta Kaplan, who won the historic Supreme Court DOMA case. U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeve rule
REPORT: Talking about religious exemptions laws Movement Advancement Project  •  May 17, 2016 This content is only viewable by Equality Federation state and national partners. Please login to view this content. Login
Tennessee LGBT Community Braces for Impact of New Counseling Law ABC News  •  May 6, 2016 The law signed by Republican Gov. Bill Haslam last week took effect immediately, sending counselors and advocates scrambling to sort through its implications. So far, it hasn’t led to the kind of economic backlash that hit North Carolina in response to a law requiring transgender people to u
Missouri House Committee Kills Radical Antigay Bill The Advocate  •  April 27, 2016 Missouri’s House Emerging Issues Committee today voted down a controversial anti-LGBT “religious freedom” bill with a tie 6-6 vote. That effectively kills the bill for this legislative session. Read more here.
Georgia Governor Nathan Deal on religious liberty: ‘I see what’s happening in North Carolina, Mississippi’ Atlanta Journal-Constitution  •  April 13, 2016 Gov. Nathan Deal said the uproar in North Carolina and Mississippi over new laws that critics say curb gay rights should give supporters of the “religious liberty” measure in Georgia second thoughts, and warned that he’s willing to pull out the veto pen again next year if similar legislation
Boycotts won’t save Mississippi: Hollywood helped kill Georgia’s anti-LGBT bill, but this state might have nothing left to lose Salon  •  April 8, 2016 Mississippi is officially first in the nation in bigotry. This week, the state rode a wave backlash against LGBT rights in passing a “religious liberty” bill, one that could prove to be the most harmful anti-LGBT legislation yet. The bill allows businesses and employers to discriminate against
Tennessee House Passes Anti-LGBT Legislation Democracy Now  •  April 7, 2016 The Tennessee House has passed legislation allowing mental health counselors to refuse service to LGBT patients on religious grounds, making Tennessee the latest state to pass anti-LGBT measures this year. Read more here.
North Carolina, Mississippi, And 2016’s LGBT Rights Backlash Vocativ  •  April 7, 2016 These bills, all from just this year, are far from alone. “There’s really been an uptick over the past three years,” says Andy Garcia, program manager for Equality Federation, a nationwide LGBTQ activist organization. “We’ve never seen anything like this legislative session in terms of bil