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Topic: Mississippi

Judge Blocks Mississippi Law Protecting Religious Objections To Gay Marriage NPR  •  July 1, 2016 Almost at the last minute, a federal judge has declared a controversial Mississippi law unconstitutional. The law, HB 1523, would have protected religious objections to gay marriage, extramarital sex and transgender identities. The judge says it favors some religious beliefs over others and would co
Federal Judge Rules Clerks Cannot Cite Religion to Recuse From Issuing Marriage Licenses The New Civil Rights Movement  •  June 27, 2016 A federal judge has judge clerks in Mississippi cannot cite their religious beliefs as valid reasons to recuse themselves from granting marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The case was argued by Roberta Kaplan, who won the historic Supreme Court DOMA case. U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeve rule
Jackson, Mississippi council adds LGBT protections to law The Clarion-Ledger  •  June 15, 2016 All seven Jackson City Council members raised their hands Tuesday evening in support of a new comprehensive anti-discrimination policy that also prohibits discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation. Passing the agenda item was a breeze, much less contentious than a sign ordi
UK issues travel warning about anti-LGBT laws in U.S. states CNN  •  April 21, 2016 North Carolina and Mississippi’s controversial new laws affecting LGBT rights are already threatening to cost the U.S. states millions in lost business and tourism. That situation could be set to worsen after the UK government updated foreign travel advice warning British citizens about risks
Georgia Governor Nathan Deal on religious liberty: ‘I see what’s happening in North Carolina, Mississippi’ Atlanta Journal-Constitution  •  April 13, 2016 Gov. Nathan Deal said the uproar in North Carolina and Mississippi over new laws that critics say curb gay rights should give supporters of the “religious liberty” measure in Georgia second thoughts, and warned that he’s willing to pull out the veto pen again next year if similar legislation
Boycotts won’t save Mississippi: Hollywood helped kill Georgia’s anti-LGBT bill, but this state might have nothing left to lose Salon  •  April 8, 2016 Mississippi is officially first in the nation in bigotry. This week, the state rode a wave backlash against LGBT rights in passing a “religious liberty” bill, one that could prove to be the most harmful anti-LGBT legislation yet. The bill allows businesses and employers to discriminate against
North Carolina, Mississippi, And 2016’s LGBT Rights Backlash Vocativ  •  April 7, 2016 These bills, all from just this year, are far from alone. “There’s really been an uptick over the past three years,” says Andy Garcia, program manager for Equality Federation, a nationwide LGBTQ activist organization. “We’ve never seen anything like this legislative session in terms of bil
Mississippi passes religious freedom bill that LGBT groups call discriminatory CNN  •  April 5, 2016 Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed the state’s religious freedom bill Tuesday, a piece of legislation that gay rights groups and the state’s businesses have decried as discriminatory. Bryant said he signed the bill into law “to protect sincerely held religious beliefs and moral co
Mississippi Senate Passes Most Sweeping Anti-LGBT Legislation in the U.S. New York Magazine  •  March 30, 2016 Just a week after an anti-LGBT law passed in North Carolina, and only two days after Georgia’s governor vetoed a similar religious-exemption bill, Mississippi’s Senate has passed what critics call the most sweeping anti-LGBT legislation in the United States. On Wednesday, the Senate
From Mississippi: No Sacrifice of Religion in Selling Cake The Clarion-Ledger  •  July 27, 2015 I am proud to be from Mississippi, where my Southern hospitality and Christian faith are strong. I take great pride in having the freedom to be who I am and living in our great nation made up of many different kinds of people who believe many different things. I may not agree with everything that [&