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Topic: Maine

Maine Senator Pulls ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill, Clergy Rejoice Bangor Daily News  •  April 15, 2015 AUGUSTA, Maine — Maine Sen. David Burns will withdraw his ‘religious freedom’ bill because of scrutiny the bill has received and comparisons to the controversial Indiana law that drew national outcry over concerns it allowed for discrimination against gays and lesbians. Read more here.
GOP Lawmaker’s Bill Thrusts Maine into Religious Freedom Legislation Debate MPBN News  •  April 14, 2015 AUGUSTA, Maine – In the midst of a national debate around so-called freedom of religion legislation, Maine now has its own measure before lawmakers. It was a divisive issue a year ago and promises to be the same this session. Read more here.
Maine’s ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill Is Nearly Identical To Indiana Law Bangor Daily News  •  April 7, 2015 AUGUSTA, Maine — A draft of a Maine senator’s “religious freedom” bill shows the plan is nearly identical to the Indiana law that has sparked national controversy in recent weeks from those who say it has legalized discrimination based on sexual orientation. The draft of the bill by Sen. Dav
Maine ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill Solves Problem That Doesn’t Exist Central Maine  •  April 5, 2015 The reintroduction in Maine of a religious objections bill, hot on the heels of a controversy about a similar bill in Indiana, raises a number of questions: Why now, so long after a court ruling exempted states from the federal version of the law? And why here, in Maine, where infringement on relig
Indiana Controversy Looms as Maine Senator Floats ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill Bangor Daily News  •  April 2, 2015 AUGUSTA, Maine — Civil liberties watchdogs, gay rights advocates and some lawmakers were already rattling sabers Thursday at the specter of a “religious freedom” bill similar to the one passed last week in Indiana, which has stoked fears that Maine could open the door to legalized discriminati