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Topic: Louisiana

Louisiana Governor-Elect Will Issue Executive Order Protecting LGBT State Employees The Times-Picayune  •  December 1, 2015 Louisiana Gov.-elect John Bel Edwards plans to issue an executive order to protect the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community from firing, discrimination and harassment as state employees and government contractors. Edwards’ directive would cover state workers and government contra
IBM Punishes Louisiana For Governor’s Anti-Gay Executive Order Think Progress  •  June 21, 2015 When Louisiana state lawmakers were considering the so-called “Marriage and Conscience Act,” a bill that would have provided “religious liberty” protections for anybody who discriminates against same-sex couples, they didn’t see the same kind of national backlash as Indiana did when it con
What Will Bobby Jindal’s Louisiana ‘Marriage and Conscience Order’ Actually Do? The Atlantic  •  May 21, 2015 Jindal on Monday announced an exploratory committee to prepare for a presidential run. (Why not? All the other kids are doing it.) The next day, he issued a remarkable document, Executive Order BJ-2015-8, the “Marriage and Conscience Order.” The order was released just hours after a committee of
Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal Plans to Issue an Executive Order Enforcing Intent of Religious Freedom Bill The Times-Picayune  •  May 20, 2015 Gov. Bobby Jindal issued a statement Tuesday (May 19) saying he plans to issue an executive order to enforce the intent of a religious freedom bill that effectively died about two hours earlier, in the House Civil Law and Procedure Committee. Read more here.
Louisiana’s ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill Slated for Committee Hearing This Week The New Orleans Advocate  •  May 19, 2015 A Louisiana House committee is slated to take up a controversial bill Tuesday that seeks to carve out protections for people who oppose same-sex marriage. House Bill 707 has earned the support of Gov. Bobby Jindal, but after facing a sharp backlash from critics, who argued it could encourage discrim
Tuesday is LGBT Day in the Louisiana Legislature: Religious Freedom, Anti-Discrimination Bills on Deck The Times-Picayune  •  May 14, 2015 Members of the LGBT community and their supporters will likely pack the Louisiana State Capitol Tuesday (May 19), when a number of bills affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Louisiana are scheduled for debate. Read more here.
Louisiana Religious Freedom Bill: Majority of State Residents Are Opposed, According to Poll The Times-Picayune  •  May 12, 2015 A majority of state residents oppose the passage of the controversial religious freedom bill that could allow businesses to refuse services to same-sex marriage ceremonies. That’s according to a new statewide poll released by Southern Media & Opinion Research Inc. on Tuesday (May 12), whic
Louisiana Representative Wants to End Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation Fox 8 WVUE  •  May 11, 2015 NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) – A New Orleans-based lawmaker plans on introducing a bill to the public Monday that he says would help stop discrimination in Louisiana. “What we’re putting forth is a bill that would say you cannot discriminate based upon sexual orientation or sexual choice,
Louisiana Lawmaker Tries And Fails To Explain How ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill Doesn’t Discriminate Think Progress  •  May 7, 2015 If Louisiana state Rep. Mike Johnson (R) wants to convince the public that his “Marriage and Conscience Act” (HB 707) does not promote discrimination against same-sex couples, he’s chosen a funny way to go about. In a video on his new website promoting the bill, “Louisiana for Liberty,” Jo
Louisiana’s Religious Freedom Bill to Get Another Tweak, Sponsor Says The Times-Picayune  •  May 6, 2015 The sponsor of Louisiana’s controversial religious freedom legislation plans to amend his bill again. The latest proposed tweak tries to appease critics by limiting when protections of those who oppose same-sex marriage would apply. Read more here.