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Topic: Indiana

Indiana Just Refused to Pass Even the Most Basic of LGBT Civil Rights Bills Towleroad  •  February 19, 2016 Indiana lawmakers on Thursday failed to pass even the most basic of LGBT civil rights bill that would have protected Hoosiers from work-place discrimination based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. Indiana has struggled with LGBT rights since Governor Mike Pence signed into law the hein
Indiana Senate committee passes Trojan horse nondiscrimination bill Metro Weekly  •  January 28, 2016 Despite attempts to give their state a much-needed public relations makeover, Hoosier lawmakers have fallen short in passing comprehensive protections for Indiana’s LGBT citizens. In a 7-5 vote, the Indiana Senate Rules & Legislative Procedure Committee approved a so-called “nondiscriminati
Poll: Damage from Indiana RFRA lingers, but severity unclear Indy Star  •  January 20, 2016 National convention planners and some tourists have lingering negative views of Indianapolis that could be tied to last year’s contentious Religious Freedom Restoration Act fight, a recent poll commissioned by the city’s tourism arm found. Perhaps more troubling for tourism officials
Poll finds RFRA impacts linger; Visit Indy acts to blunt damage Indianapolis Business Journal  •  January 20, 2016 A survey commissioned by Visit Indy—the city’s tourism marketing arm—found there is still significant lingering negative effects of the RFRA controversy from last year. In October—seven months after the original Religious Freedom Restoration Act passed—Visit Indy hired Reach Market Plannin
Survey: most convention planners think of RFRA/LGBT issues when they think of Indy WIBC  •  January 20, 2016 Visit Indy presents the State of Tourism next week. This after a survey that’s producing some worry about the future of tourism. The survey was commissioned by the city’s tourism bureau months after last year’s debate over the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Reach Market Plannin
In LGBT rights debate, Indiana Governor urges lawmakers to guard religious freedom Indy Star  •  January 13, 2016 In the debate over LGBT rights, Pence stuck to his historically social conservative stance, delivering stern reminders to state lawmakers to heed the religious freedom protections written into the state’s Constitution. He asserted that Indiana is already “an open and welcoming state tha
Indiana Lawmaker Introduces ‘Pay To Pee’ Bill For Transgender People Indiana Talks  •  January 3, 2016 If Indiana hopes to overcome its reputation for being an anti-LGBT state, 2016 is not shaping up to be a productive year. The state’s top conservative groups are suing to overturn the “fix” tacked onto last spring’s “religious freedom” bill in the hope it will allow them to discriminate
Equality Federation: Indiana Nondiscrimination Bill ‘a cynical piece of legislation that would promote and codify discrimination’ Rebecca Isaacs, Equality Federation Executive Director  •  November 20, 2015 Equality Federation is concerned Indiana’s Senate Bill 100, introduced by Senate Republicans, would not cover many Hoosiers from discrimination. While the authors are framing the bill as nondiscrimination legislation, it includes broad exemptions allowing discrimination by a host of organizations
Indiana Republicans Introduce The Most Anti-LGBT LGBT Rights Bill Ever Think Progress  •  November 18, 2015 After last spring’s disastrous “religious liberty” legislation and months of chatter, Indiana Republicans have cooked up some new legislation to protect LGBT people from discrimination. Unfortunately, a draft of the new bill reveals that it is designed to accomplish the complete opposite.
Indiana Republicans’ LGBT Protections Bill Draws Criticism on Both Sides Indy Star  •  November 17, 2015 In the opening salvo of what is likely to be a long and arduous debate, Indiana Senate Republicans introduced legislation Tuesday that would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the state’s civil rights laws while carving out several exemptions for those with strong religious obje