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Topic: Federal Bills

A GOP Congressman Is Planning An LGBT Nondiscrimination Bill — With Exceptions Buzzfeed  •  June 21, 2016 Republican Congressman Charlie Dent told BuzzFeed News on Tuesday that he plans to introduce a bill as soon as July to ban LGBT discrimination in certain settings — with some exceptions for people of faith. The Pennsylvania representative predicted his legislation could win support in the Republic
Six GOP Candidates Pledge To Sign Anti-Gay Discrimination Into Law Think Progress  •  December 19, 2015 Six of the Republican candidates vying for the presidency have signed a pledge promising to support legislation during their first 100 days in the White House that would use the guise of “religious liberty” to give individuals and businesses the right to openly discriminate against LGBT people
The Need for Full Federal LGBT Equality: Discrimination in the Workplace Human Rights Campaign  •  July 31, 2015 Currently, LGBT Americans are subject to great uncertainty and potential discrimination in the workplace. Only 19 states and D.C. explicitly prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in the workplace. Of the LGBT Americans who have experienced discrimination, 47 perce
TALKING POINTS: Equality Act Freedom For All Americans/Human Rights Campaign  •  July 22, 2015 This content is only viewable by Equality Federation state and national partners. Please login to view this content. Login
Democrats Plan To Introduce Sweeping LGBT Rights Bill In Congress This Week BuzzFeed  •  July 20, 2015 Democrats in Congress plan to introduce broad legislation this week to protect LGBT people from discrimination — including in housing, workplaces, schools, and public accommodations. In effect, the Equality Act would extend the same raft of rights to LGBT Americans that are currently afforded to o
Federal Bill Would Prevent Discrimination for Opposing Gay Marriage The Hill  •  June 18, 2015 Two prominent conservatives have introduced legislation to ban federal agencies from discriminating against people who oppose same-sex marriage. The congressional lawmakers say their measure would protect religious freedom. Under the bill, agencies would be prohibited from denying grants, tax exempt