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Topic: Bathroom Panic

Washington State ‘bathroom initiative,’ fails to make November ballot Seattle PI  •  July 7, 2016 The “bathroom initiative” will not be on Washington’s November ballot. Supporters of Initiative 1515 have canceled their Friday appointment to turn in signatures at the office of Secretary of State Kim Wyman, according to a late Thursday statement from spokesman Dave Ammons. The in
Kansas Senate GOP Passes Resolution to Sue, Condemn Obama Over Trans Guidance, Fails to Fund Schools The New Civil Rights Movement  •  June 2, 2016 Kansas Senate Republicans spent their final day of this year’s session by passing a resolution, 30-8, condemning President Obama for his administration’s guidance to schools to not discriminate against transgender students, while deciding to not act to increase funding to schools despit
Michigan Republicans Want Their Chance In The Anti-Trans Spotlight, Too Think Progress  •  May 27, 2016 Michigan’s Republican lawmakers seem to be feeling a bit left out of the anti-transgender backlash sweeping state legislatures and attorneys general’s offices. This week, it got its own bill limiting restroom use for transgender students and made its own attempt to push back on the Obama admini
The Latest: 11 states sue over federal transgender directive Associated Press  •  May 25, 2016 Texas and 10 other states are suing the Obama administration over a new directive about transgender students in public schools. The lawsuit announced Wednesday also includes Oklahoma, Alabama, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Tennessee, Maine, Louisiana, Utah, Arizona and Georgia. The challenge follows a f
Oklahoma Bill Calls for Impeachment of President Barack Obama for Protecting Transgender Students The New Civil Rights Movement  •  May 19, 2016 Oklahoma lawmakers Thursday filed a resolution calling for the impeachment of President Barack Obama for protecting transgender students. Last week the Dept. of Justice and the Dept. of Education issued a letter to all public schools stating transgender students cannot be discriminated against. T
RESOURCE: A Comprehensive Guide To The Debunked “Bathroom Predator” Myth Media Matters for America  •  May 5, 2016 Our friends at Media Matters for America debunk the “bathroom predator” myth with a video and infographics. Conservatives have long peddled the myth that sexual predators will exploit nondiscrimination laws to sneak into women’s restrooms by pretending to be transgender. The “b
Why LGBT Advocates Say Bathroom ‘Predators’ Argument Is a Red Herring TIME  •  May 2, 2016 From North Carolina to South Dakota, supporters of controversial bills seeking to limit transgender people’s use of public restrooms have repeatedly made that argument. There is little hard evidence to back up this assertion, but LGBT advocates and other opponents of the bills have had to develop
National Expert: Anti-LGBT “Bathroom Predator” Fears Are “Very Misinformed” Media Matters  •  April 21, 2016 Palumbo said the “bathroom predator” talking point is based in “a lot of misinformation” about how sexual assault occurs. Palumbo said the myth operates off of the “wrong assumption that we know who predators are and what they look like or what they behave like. Most people who experience
White House LGBT Summit in Dearborn looks at school policies, transgender youth Michigan Radio  •  April 21, 2016 White House and federal officials met with LGBT advocates in Metro Detroit on Thursday, as part of a summit focused on creating safe schools and improving health for transgender youth. The Department of Education has said for more than a year now that under Title IX, schools are legally required to
Who’s behind the new LGBT bathroom laws? CBS News  •  April 13, 2016 Lawmakers in state after state are passing bills to protect those who cite religious beliefs for refusing to serve or employ gay or transgender people. CBS News wondered why so many of these laws — including some that limit access to public restrooms — are surfacing now … and who