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RESOURCE: A New Wave of Anti-LGBTQ Bills – What Can Funders Do?

Funders for LGBTQ Issues on May 31, 2016

In recent months, states across the country have passed or introduced extreme anti-LGBTQ bills. From North Carolina’s HB2 law to Mississippi’s “religious exemption” bill, LGBTQ communities, and transgender people in particular, are being targeted during this year’s legislative cycle in an effort to roll back gains in recent years for LGBTQ equality. North Carolina’s new HB2 law forbids municipalities from protecting LGBTQ people from discrimination, and requires that transgender people use the bathroom that matches their birth certificate rather than their gender identity. In Mississippi, a new law permits individuals and businesses to deny services to LGBTQ people if they have religious objections to doing so. A similar religious exemption bill was passed by the Georgia legislature, but was vetoed by the governor. Tennessee’s “religious exemption” bill allows therapists to refuse treatment to LGBTQ people. According to the Equality Federation, more than 200 such anti-LGBT bills have been introduced this year in state legislatures across the U.S. Read what funders can do about it here.

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